QA&TEST 2018

17th International Conference on Software QA and Testing on Embedded Systems
17-18-19 October – Euskalduna Conference Centre
Bilbao, Spain


QA&TEST offers a fantastic Programme!
You will improve your knowledge on testing and QA software to reduce time and cost of your testing processes.


4 hour session, practical and interactive, transferring knowledge about technologies, tools, instruments and working methods


60 minutes long master classes given by real gurus of testing and QA software


45 minute conferences where you will know the best techniques and technologies of testing

Speakers of the Day

Jan Jaap Cannegieter

Squerist (Netherlands)

Different levels of mobile testing

Mobile testing becomes more and more important. But given the number of devices, platforms and software versions this can be difficult and time consuming. In this interactive talks a model with different levels of mobile testing will be presented. The different levels will all have their own risk profile and cost level…

Madeline Cheah


Automotive Cyber Security and Penetration Testing

Demonstrated attacks on vehicles have shown that security testing is essential. However, security testing is difficult.  This difficulty is compounded by operational and design factors and practices that feature in the automotive industry. We have proposed here a systematic security evaluation that takes into account some of these factors (such as the fact that the system is usually a black box), using penetration testing and attack tree methodology as supporting mechanisms…

Derk-Jan de Grood

Valori (Netherlands)

Tester’s considerations when moving towards successful CI/CD

Continues Integration and deployment (CI/CD) empowers organizations to bring their solution in production fast and frequent. In this interactive session Derk-Jan de Grood will share the benefits of this concept and introduce eight conditions that from a testers perspective need to be met in order to make CI/CD a success…

Daniel Nilsson

QualityMinds AB (Sweden)

A controlled experiment on automated model-based testing in automotive industry

In the automotive industry where the presence and complexity of software is constantly increasing, we need to continuously review our way of working with tests. We need to constantly look at new methods and new technologies and we need to review our strategies. This can be done at different levels, regardless of whether you work as a tester, test supervisor or as a test strategy…

Viviane Lyrio


Gerie Owen

QualiTest Group

A Fresh Perspective on Testing

Are you using personas in your testing yet? If not, you are missing out on an extremely versatile and valuable technique that can be applied to many types of testing…




As every edition, QA&TEST will open its doors, with two four hours tutorials in  parallel. The first of them, led by Derk-Jan de Grood, working for Valori (The Netherlands) as senior test manager, will show us the keys to implement continuous integration and continuos...

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ARGENTESTING supporting organisation of QA&TEST

ArgenTesting, Argentine Congress of Testing, and support organisation of QA&TEST, started its journey in 2015 thanks to Nadia Cavallieri and Gustavo Terrera. One year later, in 2016, they began with the first edition of ArgenTesting and the expectations were exceeded....

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Who organises QA&TEST?

SQS, Software Quality Systems, organises QA&TEST since the very beginning and this year the event will celebrate its 17th edition.   SQS, as the leading provider of software quality consultancy and testing services, has witnessed how their customers improve the...

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