Technical Committee

QA&TEST is assessed by a Technical Committee with a large experience in Quality Assurance and Testing, whose mission is to evaluate all the received papers and to select the more appropriate to elaborate a high quality programme with the more relevant trends.

Anders Hessel

Xware (Sweden)

Angélica de Antonio

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain)

Angélica de Antonio

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain)

Ariel Cymberknoh

Intel Corporation (Israel)

Begoña Laibarra

SQS, S.A. (Spain)

Bryan Bakker

Sioux Embedded Systems B.V. (The Netherlands)

Chris C. Schotanus

CGI (The Netherlands)

Derk-Jan de Grood

Squerist (The Netherlands)

Jan van Moll

Philips Healthcare – MR Systems (The Netherlands)

Jan Tobias Mühlberg

imec-DistriNet (Belgium)

Jesús Mª de la Maza

Innovalia (Spain)

Juan Carlos Sánchez Mirabal

Director de Software en Systelab Technologies, S.A. (Spain)

Michael Stahl

Intel (Israel)

Santiago García

Confirma Sistemas (Spain)

Juan de Dios Sanz

UPM (Spain)

Ron Werner

Joyn GmbH (Germany)

Ali Khalid

Emirates (EAU)

Alvin Sumter

Cox Enterprises (United States)

Praveen Kumar

WIPRO Digital (Switzerland)

Indranil Sinha

Marginalen Bank (Sweden)