Dr. Youssef Laarouchi

EDF (Francia)
28 de marzo – 10:00-11:00
Sala Valle Inclán

Ensuring Safety and Security analysis in S-Cube approach


Modern control systems are becoming complex and interconnected as they are increasingly integrating new information and communication technologies. Many industries like automobile, aeronautics and energy are facing great challenges as their systems are becoming less isolated and vulnerable to external malevolence.

In this new context, we propose a new model based approach: S-cube for SCADA Safety and Security joint modelling. This approach provides a risk analysis framework that enables to evaluate industrial information and control architectures. Starting from the system description, S-cube generates automatically the different attack and failure scenarios it is exposed to. This approach is illustrated on a use case for which qualitative and quantitative results are given. This work has been developed with Siwar Kriaa and Marc Bouissou.

Dr. Youssef Laarouchi (male) is currently working as Project Manager at EDF. He is specialized in safety and cyber-security interactions and is in charge of leading these activities within EDF R&D. He is also participating in ANR (French Research Agency) projects evaluations. He previously worked as a research engineer and project manager within the French car manufacturer RENAULT where he participated in project definition and assessment dealing with new car connectivity. He received his PhD on 2009 from Université de Toulouse with a topic related to new secure architectures in Avionics, a work funded by AIRBUS France and LAAS-CNRS. He received his Telecoms Engineer diploma from ENSEIRB and research master degree from Université de Bordeaux on 2006.