Tiziana Casinelli

Paris (France)
Closing Keynote
28th March – 15:00-16:00
Valle Inclán room

In the Digital and Data Economy Era, a management inclusive of security and safety is the ultimate Company’s performance booster

We have entered and are fully immersed in a new Digital and Data Economy Era full of strengths but also of remarkable challenges, with its fast-paced escalation of computational power, connectivity, mobile apps, use of artificial intelligence, big data and automation of highly critical activities.
In this landscape, new regulatory constraints, directives and national laws, and the rise of easily available technological offensive power, demand Executives and Managers to pay cautious attention to all security and safety related aspects.
While the risk taken by an Organisation’s management non-inclusive of security and safety becomes more and more explicit, following the lessons learned from security incidents and infringements, internal or external to the Organisation, the process of including those aspects in all pertinent management aspects has been raising at all Organization’s levels some legitimate concerns, including the return on investment, how security and safety may impact the human resources organisation or the projects’ time, budget and development life cycle, up to their impact on procurement procedures and on the handiness of logical and physical accesses to services and goods.
Understanding the strengths of available security and safety standards, methodologies, techniques and tools, together with addressing all the concerns, is the challenge that all Organizations’ Governance should take up, fostering and supporting the adequate cultural change and digital transformation, in order not only to reduce the risk of security and safety incidents and infringements, but also to boost the Organizations’ performance.

Tiziana Casinelli is an enthusiastic leader with strong ethics and a proven track record of efficient operations strategy definition and programmes delivery.
Tiziana Casinelli holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Pisa and an Executive Master on Business Administration from the International Space University (Strasbourg). Her professional career started with leading academic and industrial research projects, sponsored by the University and the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, in collaboration with Selenia Civil Systems and Prof. Gallant of MIT.
In 1997 she joined the industry sector recruited by Capgemini as SW analyst and Onsite Responsible at Customers’ premises, and in Eutelsat with increasing and wider leadership roles, leveraging her renowned management skills in highly critical endeavors.
In 2000 she joined Eutelsat as Technical Manager of the ground segment M&C applications portfolio, entailing the leadership and management of: 5 project teams from different European Providers, COTS and H/W suppliers, Internal infrastructure Service Providers and 8 teams of end-users. In 2004 she was trusted the role of Technical Manager of the Flight Procedures Automation overall system, which included the management of IT governance and Cybersecurity and the leadership of: 3 project teams from different European Providers, COTS and H/W suppliers, Internal infrastructure Service Providers, 3 teams of end-users, together with the role of Satellite Control Processes Quality Advisor.
In 2008 she was appointed as Information Systems Security Manager, her responsibilities entailed the development of new security policy for Eutelsat Satellite Control service, together with the management of all R&D projects to support and enhance security. Since 2013 her security and safety responsibilities were extended, to the entire Eutelsat Operations services and to the space segment as Space Situational Awareness Manager, up to the appointment as Eutelsat Groups Director of Security and Safety in April 2016.
Tiziana likes to embrace new challenges, harnessing new IT technologies and management methodologies and determining the necessary change of culture for the success of the Company’s strategy. Her main competences and achievements lie in the management of complex international, multicultural and multifunctional programmes, team leadership focused on talent attraction and support to team’s growth and motivation, on time and on budget delivery, effective communication,
business analysis and decision making, record tracking and data analytics, change management, digital transformation, R&D, cybersecurity, security, safety, quality.
Tiziana is regularly invited to provide keynote talks to industry events and project management lectures in post graduate courses, she chairs and is member of several international working groups (e.g. NBiSCWG, NATO SCI-279, SCI-285, SCI-283, etc.) and is currently writing the book “Vade mecum for junior project managers [How to navigate the seven seas of methodologies … and deliver!]”.
An Italian native, Tiziana is fluent in French and English and lives in Paris, France.