Shmuel Gershon

Mobileye (Israel)
Charla Especial
30 de Octubre | 17:15 – 18:15 | Sala 0C

Finding Intention in Testing

What makes a good tester such? What characteristic helps this tester to improve his skills?

This talk defines Intentionality as a property of testers that get better at their craft. We will dissect the concept of intention to achieve a framework that can be taken right to action, consisting of three parts: Purpose (testing deliberately, knowing why we test), Plan (testing orderly, knowing how we test), and Awareness (testing consciously, knowing our role).

If you have felt frustration by tests that seems aimless, by testing guided by inertia, or by unreasonable results from the tests, this framework and lecture will help you think about this in a new perspective.

The session is delivered in a fun way, through the use of thought experiments and hypotheticals. Through these thinking-stories, we will discover intentionality and learn methods to practice it at work.

Shmuel Gershon has experience in testing software – and also in coaching testers and helping friends. Today he works in Jerusalem for Mobileye’s embedded software testing department testing autonomous driving protocols with a team of Super-Heroes. He used to be a programmer, but discovered that testing is twice the fun.
A frequent presenter at local and International software conferences, Shmuel is convinced that the most significant factor in our quest for quality is people, not features or technology. He writes about software testing at and published the open-source “Rapid Reporter”, an exploratory testing note taking tool.