Nikita Johnson

Universidad de York (Reino Unido)
28 de marzo – 11:30-12:30
Sala Valle Inclán

When technology alone is not enough: Independent co-assurance using the Safety-Security Assurance Framework (SSAF)

Many approaches have emerged to address the issues arising from the need to assure both safety and security in complex systems-of-systems. These techniques go some way to answering the question of how to improve a system’s security in order to be safe. However, the question they do not currently answer is «Is it enough?». This presentation will explore the challenges of assessing and managing the uncertainty and complexity of the safety-security interaction. It will conclude by presenting a paradigm shift, as we expand from solely unified models to independent co-assurance, which is based on process and artefact synchronisation, and considers the wider socio-technical context. The Safety-Security Assurance Framework is a candidate solution that provides the structure for this assurance.

Nikita Johnson is a researcher on the Assuring Autonomy International Programme (AAIP) whose research interest areas are the safety-security interaction for complex systems and socio-technical systems. She completed her Masters at the University of York (MEng Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence), and is currently completing a PhD project with the High Integrity Systems Engineering group (York) and BAE Systems. Her core contribution has been the development of the Safety-Security Assurance Framework (SSAF) with enables independent co-assurance of safety and security through explicitly modelling the attribute inactions through process, assurance arguments and the atribute artefacts.