Joep Slenter

Vanderlande Industries (Países Bajos)
30 de Octubre | 10:00 – 11:00 | Sala 0C

Testing microservices for a wharehousing-automation platform at Vanderlande

In an ever-growing world of software, microservices are an important aspect of the vision that Vanderlande Industries, a world leader in warehouse automation and airport bagage-handling systems, embraces. In order to deliver high-quality software, which operates various hardware installations, testing a complex architecture is a challenging task. How do we, at Vanderlande, test our microservices? And equally important: what is our approach with testing software that communicates with awesome robots?

During the presentation we touch down on the practical and technical challenges when testing with a combination of software and hardware. Insight is provided in how to align multi-disciplinary teams when testing a microservice cloud platform and in how testing can benefit a CI/CD pipeline. Let’s embark on a little trip into the Vanderlande landscape.

During his master study in Interaction design in 2009, Joep had a strong focus on technical implementation. After earning a Master of Arts degree in Interaction Design in 2011, he participated as co-owner and software design engineer in a design and development agency. He realized projects ranging from interactive physical installations to medical software, where his user centered approach helped him in developing and testing user-friendly implementations. He enjoys working with other people in small and large teams, national and international. Colleagues often describe him as having ‘strong communication skills’ and being ‘highly motivational’.

Currently Joep is working at Vanderlande Industries, a world leader in warehouse automation and airport bagage-handling systems. Within the warehousing division he implements a Continuous Deployment pipeline which delivers microservices to the cloud. In parallel he advises on CICD regarding process, implementation and mindset by providing support to development and management.