Javier Diéguez

BCSC (España)
Panel 1
28 de marzo – 16:00-17:00
Sala Valle Inclán


Panel 1

Most of Javier Diéguez’s professional career has developed in Indra – a big Spanish technological company – leading complex projects primarily for Utility companies and Governmental institutions. At present, he holds the position of Director of the recently created Basque Cybersecurity Centre (BCSC). The objectives of the BCSC include fostering the implementation of Cybersecurity measures in the Basque Industry, promoting the activity of the Basque Cybersecurity Companies, collaborating with other CSIRTs, working together with the Regional Police and raising awareness in the Basque Society. The BCSC has been created within the «Basque Agency for Business Development – SPRI«, a public company ran by the Basque Government, and more specifically managed by the Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures.