Grzegorz Koczot

Intel (Polonia)
30 de Octubre | 12:45 – 13:45 | Sala 0D

Product risk analysis based on code complexity and code coverage

Product risk definition is not a trivial task and risk understanding can be different depending on the team. The product risk analysis was prepared to give the product development team forum a set of metrics that show the risk associated with introduced code changes. In order to prepare such metrics data from various sources like version control system, static code analysis, dynamic code analysis and other is used. The metrics that will be presented will provide us with information regarding two topics:

  • How can we calculate the risk correlated with code changes?
  • How can we make sure that the introduced code changes are tested?
Key takeaways

Attendees will learn about the risk associated with commits changes, methods to measure and monitor commits risk and methods to choose the tests that aim to test exactly the parts of code that were changed.

Grzegorz Koczot is a Software Quality Engineer at Intel, in Gdańsk, Poland. Grzegorz has validation related experience since 2011 as a software quality assurance engineer, test team lead, technical test team lead and validation architect. He has experience in banking and insurance applications, server platform firmware, storage related software and firmware solutions validation. On a daily basis he’s working on maintaining and improving software development lifecycle processes at Intel.
Grzegorz has recently received the ISTQB Full Advanced Certification, a qualification that is aimed at people who have achieved an advanced point in their careers in software testing.