Eduard Enoiu

Mälardalen University (Sweden)
31 October | 11:30 – 12:30 | Room 0C

Automatic Test Generation for Energy Consumption of Embedded Systems

Modern embedded systems have low-energy computing demands, making testing for energy usage increasingly important. More and more, we are faced with systems that are complex, meaning that traditional testing methods are costly to use and infeasible to directly apply due to the nature of embedded systems such as the interaction with the environment and the stringent requirements posed on the connection between software and hardware. In this talk, I will outline different methods for testing the energy consumption from the generation of complex data to the execution of large test suites. I will explain the general premise of Automated Test Generation (ATG) for energy consumption and how it can be used to assist in the testing process. The objective of ATG is to automate the most tedious and labour-intensive parts of testing so that the human engineers can use their experience to other valuable tasks. In this talk, I will also demonstrate some ATG techniques from my own research, and present arguments why – as embedded systems become increasingly complex – ATG enables more efficient and effective testing of energy consumption.

Eduard is a researcher at Mälardalen University in Sweden and co-founder of Compratio AB. The primary objective of his research is to improve the cost-effectiveness of software testing through the application of model checking and automated test generation. (, @eduardpaulenoiu)