Dawid Pacia

27 de marzo – 15:30-16:30
Sala Ramón Gómez de la Serna

Being a modern tester for safety’s sake!

IoT world grows by 30% every year (up to 25 billion(!) devices till 2025) and that’s just a matter of time when some of us will have to…get back to the past. Many of the current testers very soon will start their adventure with real hardware devices. It also means more and more complicated integration with modern services and technologies (Amazon DRS, Alexa, Behavioral Recognition, vision processing, AI, ML and many more).

I’ll break down my speech into 3 parts:
• Risks, challenges and safety aspect the modern tester should be aware of
• The real-life examples of safety vulnerabilities and its impact on customers (and the scale of it!)
• What makes testing so exciting despite so much responsibility and so many challenges

During my presentation, I’ll show you how current challenges and risks are going to change in the near future and how to deal with them to avoid a safety headache. I’ll also present the way to easier identify and mitigate them. And finally, you will hear about real-life fuck-ups with further consequences as well as we’ll try to think if there was any possibility to prevent them and how to protect ourselves in the future.

1/3 QA, 1/3 DevOps, 1/3 Lead. Last 10 years spent in Kraków. Tech freak following all the newest technologies (and implementing them on his own). Fan of Agile approach to project management and products. Proudly and patriotically awarded as «People of Testing 2018».

What do I do?
Leading and supporting the best and the happiest QA team! Actively speaking (and traveling) around the world (combining both passions). Organizer and originator of the first regular Ukrainian QA meetup «UkrainQA»

Where can you find me?
Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail or beer table 🙂

What do I like?
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