Rachid Kherrazi

Promedico (Netherlands)
TRACK 5: Test Automation 18 October – 15:15-16:00


The quest to the best test automation tool for low code development platforms

Low-code development platforms like OutSystems has become more the leading for developing in rapid-development-DevOps environments both for web and mobile applications. Low-code platforms such have one major advantage over their full-code cousins: rapid application development and full control over the application life cycle.

One thing must be kept in mind though: the delicate relationship between speed and quality. Building applications rapidly may result in applications that are of poorer quality. Fortunately, development-teams are realizing this point as well and they have been increasingly asking for governance on their software development processes.

They are looking for answers to questions such as: How has the code quality change? At same time testers are also suffering from the dynamic generated ID’s used for the identification of each element on the screens and are asking how they can manage scripts maintainability. In my story I will give insight in how we solved these challenges in our case and I will give some practical results.

Rachid Kherrazi is the QA Leader at Promedico BV, a Dutch ICT service provider in the first line healthcare domain. During his career Rachid obtained experience in quality departments within several companies, but mainly High-tech Industry. Rachid developed strong skills in test automation, test process improvement and project management. Currently he is working on several Testing projects within the Dutch high-tech sector and he is involved in several academic research initiatives focused on Model Based Testing within Europe.

Rachid Kherrazi obtained his Master on electrical engineering from the Technical University of Errachidia (Morocco), is a Six Sigma Certified Black Belt and recently obtained his license as an iSQI Certified Model Based Trainer.