Paul Derckx

Philips (Netherlands)
TRACK 4: Test Strategy 18 October – 10:00-10:45


Driving product reliability through an operational profile based test strategy

The quality and reliability of our products is key for our customers and their patients. To drive reliability improvements, we developed a reliability strategy focusing on what is key for our customers. Operational profiles derived from our installed base. Based on priorities the operational profiles are automated. While running the automated test suites on different product configurations we measure test coverage (code and hardware). Inputs from the field and the coverage results set priorities for new operational profiles to be defined.

Paul Derckx brings 30 years of experience, working for different companies with customers in the Dutch industry, governmental and public transport sectors. Starting in the area of software development and design, from 1998 onwards Paul has specialized in the testing domain working in different testing functions as test manager, test consultant and test architect. Paul joined Philips Healthcare MR R&D organization in 2005 starting as Test Manager and from there moved into leadership positions. Currently Paul is head of the System Integration and Verification department of the global MR R&D organization, with teams in Best (Netherlands), Bangalore (India) and Suzhou (China). Paul is a regular speaker at testing seminars/conferences and since 2008 is guest lecturer at the VU University in Amsterdam.