QA&TEST offers you an incomparable learning opportunity with the best professionals of the sector throughout the 2 tutorials, 3 keynotes and 22 presentations of the Program. During the three days of QA & TEST you will have the possibility to get in touch with the speakers on several occasions:


Coffee breaks

A pause in the middle of the Conferences to gather strength. Taking place in the Exhibition Hall, coffee breaks are perfect for relaxed talks while visiting the stands. In addition, you will see demonstrations of tools in real time during the Tool Labs.



The restaurant of the Euskalduna Palace brings to QA&TEST a bit of the great Basque gastronomy in the Wednesday and Thursday meals. For 90 minutes you will have the opportunity to participate in lively conversations with speakers and other attendees.


Guided tour in Bilbao with txakoli wine

At the end of the first day of QA&TEST we will organize a guided tour in Bilbao, revealing historical data and curious details about the most emblematic places. A great and relaxed exercise after a day of the most complete QA&TEST!



On Thursday at 8:30 p.m. we will wait for you at the Sociedad Bilbaína, where we will celebrate the dinner-banquet in one of its majestic rooms. The club has more than 170 years of history and its headquarters has been declared of Cultural Interest by the Basque Government.


Farewell cocktail

At the end of the conference, we will offer attendees a delicious farewell cocktail, where you can enjoy the wonderful pintxos characteristic of the Basque cuisine. It is a very relaxed moment in which speakers and assistants can discuss about  the conference and share new knowledge and possible concerns.


Warming up (only for speakers)

It is a pride for us to be able to give our speakers exceptional treatment. The day before the Conference, we will give them a warm welcome with a guided tour of the Guggenheim and a welcome dinner, to recover energy after their trip.