Michał Krześlak

Tritem (Poland)
TRACK 3: Rails and Roads 18 October – 11:30 – 12:15


Application of the test oracles in embedded software testing for railway vehicles

The paper presents the case study and the lessons learned from one of our projects, where the main controller’s software for railway vehicle was tested. The focus is on one of the approaches where test oracle was used for automated tests of complex function related with tractive/braking effort calculation and monitoring. The test oracle implemented within the testing framework allows for a simulation of the tested function and expected values computation during the runtime of the automated test scripts. Former provides the opportunity for the tester to be familiar with tested function’s operation as a whole. Later increases maintainability and efficiency of the automated test scripts development.

In 2010 graduated from Automatic Control, Information Technology and Robotics at the Silesian University of Technology in Poland and started to work for Tritem as the Automated Test Developer for embedded software of the railway vehicles. Test Team Leader for last 3 years. Fan of all kind of the new technologies applicable in automated tests (like model based testing or machine learning). In meantime PhD in bio-cybernetics, received in 2016.