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Technical Committee

QA&TEST is assessed by a Technical Committee who evaluates the papers received and selects the best to be part of our conference. The members of this committee have a large experience in Quality Assurance and Testing:

  • Anders Hessel
    Anders Hessel

    Xware (Sweden)

    Dr. Anders Hessel works as Software Architect at Xware AB and Researcher at Mälardalen University. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Uppsala University (2007). Dr. Hessel has been a Developer and a Technical Project Manager at ISD Datasystem (1994-2000), and a Consultant at Ericsson (2000-2001).

    Dr. Hessel has taught project methodology during his years at Uppsala University, and he is now a Certified SCRUM master. He joined ENEA 2007 as a tool developer for ENEA Optima, an Eclipse based tool for system debugging. Currently, Anders combines several skills working as a Process Developer and also doing research in the model-based testing area. In the latter he exploits his earlier work with CoVer to build a user friendly, UML-based tool suite with Eclipse as a base.

  • Andrés Silva
    Andrés Silva

    Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ES)

    Dr. Andrés Silva is Associate Professor at the Facultad de Informática (Computer Science School) of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). He has two-years of industrial experience in Software Engineering, and did a pre-doctoral stay at the Institute for Systems, Informatics and Safety, ascribed to the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in 2001 on the topic of Requirements Management. His research career has been centered around Requirements Engineering and Software Safety. Dr. Silva served as member of the Program Committee of several conferences, edited a book on Requirements Engineering for Sociotechnical Systems and co-edited a special issue of IET Software devoted to Software Architecture.

    He is author of several research papers published at major conferences (ICSE) and relevant journals (IEEE Software, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Safety Science, etc.). He currently plays the role of Requirements Engineer advisor and evangelist at the Biomedical Informatics Research Group of the UPM. In the last months he has been involved in the topic of resilience modelling and analysis for Critical Infrastructures such as the Smart Grid, in collaboration with the Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen (JRC of the European Commission).

  • Angélica de Antonio
    Angélica de Antonio

    Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ES)

    Degree in Computer Science, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, 1990

    Master in Knowledge Engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, 1992

    PhD in Computer Science, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, 1994

  • Ariel
    Ariel Cymberknoh

    Intel Corporation (Israel)

    Ariel Cymberknoh is a Firmware and Software validation manager at Intel. A 14 years veteran, Ariel started his career at Intel Israel as a software validation engineer, taking managerial responsibilities 11 years ago.

    Ariel leads a team of more than 100 test engineers in charge of validating Firmware and Software based solutions for products concerning security, remote manageability and sensors. Ariel also leads the test automation team that provides solutions for the validation of these activities.

  • Begoña Laibarra
    Begoña Laibarra

    SQS, S.A. (ES)

    Begoña Laibarra graduated in Computer Sciene and obtained a master´s degree in Robotics and Automation. Since 1991 she works for CARSA. She has been responsible for R&D projects coordination of Manufacturing and Information Technologies. Since 1998 works as General Manager of SQS S.A.

    She has been responsible of systems V&V definition and implementation for a wide range of embedded systems including safety critical systems. She has also been responsible of the design and implementation software quality process improvement actions.

  • Bryan
    Bryan Bakker

    Sioux Embedded Systems B.V. (The Netherlands)

    After his masters degree in computer science in 1998 Bryan Bakker has worked as software engineer on different technical systems. Since 2002 Bryan has specialized in testing of embedded software in multi-disciplinary environments; in these environments the software interfaces with other disciplines like mechanics, electronics and optics. He has worked on e.g. medical products, professional security systems, semi-industry products, and electron microscopy systems.

    The last years Bryan focuses as a test architect on test automation, integration testing, reliability testing and design for testability. Bryan is also a tutor of several different test related courses and presents regularly at international testing conferences.

  • Chris C. Schotanus
    Chris C. Schotanus

    CGI (The Netherlands)

    Chris C. Schotanus is Principal IT Consultant at CGI in the Netherlands. Having IT experience since 1975, since 1993 the focus of his activities is on all aspects of testing, from test policy definition to automated test execution. Chris advises organisations regarding testing and acts as trainer and coaches of (test) teams both in agile and non-agile development environments.

    Chris is co-author of the book ‘TestGrip: Gaining Control of IT Quality and Processes through Test Policy and Test Organisation’. He is one of the founders of TestFrame, CGI’s approach to structured testing, and author of the book ‘TestFrame, An Approach to Structured Testing’ and several other publications on testing.

  • Juan Carlos Sánchez  Mirabal
    Daniel Kästner

    AbsInt Angewandte Informatik GmbH (Germany)

    Dr. Daniel Kästner is co-founder of AbsInt Angewandte Informatik GmbH, and CTO since 2003. His work is focused on the validation of real-time systems, compiler construction, code optimization for embedded processors and on program analysis for embedded software.

    Dr. Käestner studied Computer Science and Business Economics at Saarland University from 1993 till 1997. In 2000 he received his Ph.D. on code optimization for embedded processors, and was a research associate at Saarland University until 2003. He has been invited lecturer at Saarland University and was a program committee member of numerous international conferences.

  • Derk Jan
    Derk-Jan de Grood

    Valori (The Netherlands)

    Derk-Jan de Grood works for Valori as a senior test consultant. He specializes in getting more out of testing by focusing on the value chain, business-it alignment and the team's visibility.

    Known as a passionate speaker, he is at home at major testing conferences, where he likes to inspire people and help to improve the test profession. He regularly publishes articles and columns for leading test magazines and provides training and lectures.

    Derk-Jan is the author of several successful books on software testing including TestGoal, Grip on IT and the Dutch Testers association's jubilee book on future trends in testing. He is ranking the top 25 of most visible testers in the Netherlands. More info can be found on

  • Doron Cherkovsky
    Doron Cherkovsky

    Israel Aircraft Industries (IL)

    Mr. Doron Cherkovsky is Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Manager at the Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) -System Missiles and & Space Group, MBT Technologies Division.

    He received his BSc. & MSc. degrees in Physics from the University of Zagreb (Croatia). From 1970 he is with the Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) Ltd. As an industry practitioner and manager he was involved in large Software/System projects as Software Developer, and later on for the last 20 years in various SQA and Testing positions.

    He is involved in the IAI Corporate level Software Process Improvement Program activities and participated in a European Community funded project (TESTART). Mr. Cherkovsky provided consulting services on Software process improvement, SQA and Testing issues, he also collaborated in writing papers presented at national and international Software Conferences on SQA and Testing.

  • Juan Carlos Sánchez  Mirabal
    Eric Megens

    High Tech Solutions (The Netherlands)

    In 1991 Mr. Megens started working on embedded software in several roles, varying from software engineer and tester to software designer. Since 1999 he has been working as a test- and integration-architect in different organizations (Philips Medical Systems, NXP, Siemens, Philips Applied Technology and Medtronic).

    He is currently working as a project leader at Enexis. Enexis is a Dutch grid operator (energy utility) introducing smart meters and smart grids on a large scale. Within Enexis he is responsible for the system-integration and testing of the new generation smart meters in the current smart grid information system.

  • Hung Nguyen
    Hung Nguyen

    LogiGear Chairman/CEO (USA)

    Hung Nguyen, as LogiGear Chairman/CEO, is responsible for the company's strategic direction and innovative approach to software testing, test automation, testing technology and education programs. Mr. Nguyen is author/coauthor of Testing Computer Software (Wiley, 2nd ed.), Testing Applications on the Web (Wiley, 1st and 2nd ed.) and Global Software Test Automation (HappyAbout).

    He also teaches software testing at LogiGear University, at the University of California Berkeley Extension and Santa Cruz Extension in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Prior to LogiGear, Mr. Nguyen held leadership roles in software development, quality, and product and business management at Silicon Valley companies including Electronic Arts, Palm Computing, Spinnaker and PowerUp.

  • Jan van Moll
    Jan van Moll

    Philips Healthcare – MR Systems (NE)

    Jan van Moll studied Technical Physics and started his career as a research assistant in Philips Electronics. He holds a PhD in Technical Sciences from the Eindhoven University of Technology. The subject of his research was an industry-based study (2002-2007) on the adverse effects of distributed (global) development on the quality of the developed product. Jan has a fifteen year background in software engineering, verification & validation and has wide experience in test engineering, test architecture and test project management in various product domains. He was responsible for the design and improvement of the verification & validation process in many, internationally distributed development projects for consumer electronics, medical systems and industrial equipment. Jan is a lead assessor in test process maturity assessments according to various maturity models like TMM and TPI.

    He is a member of the examination committee of the ISTQB-affiliated Belgium & Netherlands Testing Qualifications Board (BNTQB), ISTQB and of several professional interest groups. He is a frequent speaker at international seminars and conferences on Product Quality, Verification and Validation. Currently, Jan is Department Manager System Integration & Verification at Philips Healthcare - MRI (Best, The Netherlands), a leading company specialized in the development of medical imaging systems. Next to this, he is an independent software forensic expert on request by special boards, investigating major (software-induced) system failures that have impact on security, welfare, social or general national interest.

  • Jan van Moll
    Jan Tobias Mühlberg

    imec-DistriNet (NE)

    Jan Tobias Mühlberg works as a research manager for embedded software security at imec-DistriNet, KU Leuven (BE). He is active in the fields of software security, and formal verification and validation of software systems, specifically for embedded systems and low-level operating system components.
    Tobias is particularly interested in security architectures for safety-critical embedded systems and for the Internet of Things. Before joining KU Leuven, Tobias worked as a researcher at the University of Bamberg (DE), obtained a Ph.D. from the University of York (UK) and worked as a researcher at the University of Applied Sciences in Brandenburg (DE), where he also acquired his Masters degree.

  • Jesús Mª de la Maza

    Industrial Engineer for the High Technical School of Bilbao - Universidad del País Vasco and Project Management Graduated at IMPI. General Manager of CARSA.

    Founder of Innovalia and of Innovalia Metrology.

    Has many years of experience as an assesor, consultant and technical assesor of many R&D national and international proposals of projects.

    Homologated by the European Comission as a PTA (Project Technical Assistant) for the Growth and IST programmes 2002 - 2007, V and VI Framework Programmes.

  • Juan Carlos Sánchez  Mirabal
    Juan Carlos Sánchez Mirabal

    NTE (Nuevas Tecnologías Espaciales)

    Juan Carlos Sánchez is Software Test Manager at NTE (Nuevas Tecnologías Espaciales) for Clinical Software Division. He is the responsible of the software quality of medical systems for In Vitro Diagnostics following IEEE standards and under European (CE Mark) and American (FDA) regulations.

  • Michael Stahl
    Michael Stahl

    Intel (Israel)

    Michael Stahl is a SW Validation Architect at Intel. A 21 years veteran, Michael is a SW Validation Architect in a team that validates software for Intel's Streaming Media platform. In this role, he defines testing strategies and work methodologies of the test team, and sometimes even get to test something himself (which he enjoys most). Before starting his career in SW testing (in 2000), Michael worked at Intel's manufacturing facility in Jerusalem, Israel, as a chip-level test engineer. Michael is an Executive Board member of the Israeli Test Certification Board (ITCB), holds a full Advanced ISTQB Certification, and chairs ITCB's Advisory board. He presented papers in SIGiST Israel, and in international conferences, and is teaching a course on SW Testing in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

  • Odd Nordland
    Odd Norland


    Odd Nordland studied nuclear physics and computing science in Hamburg. He worked for 7 years as assessor for process control in nuclear power stations in Germany, followed by 10 years as configuration manager in the International Space Station project (ISS).

    Since 1997 he has been working for SINTEF in Trondheim, Norway, where he has been assessor and project manager for numerous safety assessment projects in addition to performing risk analyses and safety management. He has extensive experience in the application of international safety standards and a large number of publications in national and international fora.

    He is also an external examiner for Programming Methods and System Development at the Norwegian Technical and Scientific University in Trondheim, and for Safety Critical Systems Development at the University College of Østfold in Halden.

    He is a member of the European Workshop on Industrial Computer Systems (EWICS), the System Safety Society (SSS), the Safety Critical Systems Club, the International Institute of Informatics and Systemics (IIIS), the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and the Norwegian Network for Safe, Secure and Reliable Software (NONSTOPP).

  • Peter Zeitler
    Peter Zeitler


    Peter Zeitler is highly innovative, results-oriented executive with an accomplished, versatile background in global telecommunications coupled with strong leadership abilities and strategic vision.He has successfully directed the development of innovative telecommunications products, solutions, and initiatives for companies such as LogicaCMG, KPN Mobile, ICL, and Orange International.

    He has diverse expertise in fixed and mobile telecommunications (C450/NMT, Tetra, GSM, 3G, WLL). Mr. Zeitler has a long experience at working with senior executives, building relationships, and leading multinational teams, and he has played an instrumental role in telecommunications growth in Africa.

  • Ray Arell
    Ray Arell

    Intel Corporation (USA)

    IRay Arell manages the Software Qualification and Validation department within Intel's Corporate Quality Network. Ray has over 21 years of development, validation, and management experience, and has been with Intel for 16 years.

    During that time, he has worked on a variety of teams focused on CPU, chipsets, and graphics system-level testing including the i386T, i486T, and Pentium® processors. He is also co-author of Change-Based Test Management: Improving the Software Validation Process (ISBN: 0971786127).