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Building holistic QA group prepared for mobile era

Niv Segev    
ironSource - Israel

Presentation abstract

As software testers we always strive for higher coverage of tests & minimal costs (equipment, labs, headcount etc) at fastest & dynamic as possible timeframe. In this lecture i will discuss and share from my own experience as testing manager at Telefonica digital, how we were able to test a telco app affecting hundreds of millions around the world, serving multiple distributed geo’s (influenced by locale settings, culture & 3rd party infrastructure), neverending platforms - web, desktop, ios, android WP taking into account all relevant hardware models and different OS versions - all of that with 14 QA engineers.

The naive solution would be to have locally distributed QA teams dedicated for each relevant geo and invest in highly expensive physical & virtual equipment. the cons’ of such a solution are huge capex, huge managerial overhead, losing the ability for autoscaling your headcount and the time it takes to ramp up such teams in environment that require immediate implementation of every new feature. instead, me & my teams have chosen to have a small dedicated team of people striving for automation and use the advantages of community & technology. after some time investment in learning we got to know testFairy & Applause crowd testing - and then the magic happened.

Speakers information

Niv Segev, 34 yo, Graduated from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Israel , where he studied for a BA in computer science and GMBA focusing on multi cultural management. Niv brings 12 years of hands on experience & managerial experience leading and mentoring both manual & automation development QA teams. 
Currently at ironSource managing 3 teams forming a group of 17 manual, automation and devops engineers, responsible for overall technical & quality strategy within the organization, for the entire quality cycle from requirements gathering till analyzing the data post production while reporting to C level management. 
Niv gained most of his experience during the years from IDF 8200 intelligence technical unit during the military service and various roles in quality engineering domain at Verint systems and Telefonica digital.

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