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Sponsor and Exhibitors

Sponsorship is a professional method to confirm the innovative image of your company. By connecting your brand to the high quality of our conference, your brand awareness will increase and your brand image will improve.

Our organization developed different ways of sponsorship. If you are interested in one of the sponsor activities or you want your company at our Exhibition please contact us at +34 94 480 51 83. You can download as well our Sponsor & Exhibitor documentation.



Why should your company sponsor the leading conference in Europe?

When it comes to quality; QA&TEST is the leading conference in Europe. You can be part of our success formula and have profit which will reinforce your brand. Our benefits for your company:

  • The participation of your company delegate in the round table that closes the conference. This will define your position as a leader in the software testing sector.
  • Close association with a top International Conference that will allow your company to capitalise on the associations of forward thinking and leading edge research in promotion of your products and image.
  • QA&TEST® is an unique opportunity to target a specific, high profile market including Directors, Programme Managers, Project Managers, etc., as well as Testing Professionals from a variety of countries.
  • Your company will build and maintain contacts with our participants, key players in the technology business world. These contacts can prove valuable for new business ventures.
  • Your company will promote and improve its brand image, defining your position as an expert in the technology sector

You can be part of our success formula and reinforce your brand. Please check the table below to see all benefits for a sponsor.



Why should be an Exhibitor?

  • Because it is the most complete way of marketing, communication, sales, public relations, advertising, training that exists
  • Due to its character. It is a market full of commercial operations and it supposes the biggest neuralgic centre to exchange knowledge and trends. There you could achieve the most cutting-edge information of the sector. That is why QA&TEST is an excellent marketing tool to promote your brand image and in conclusion your productivity.
  • To increase your business areas
  • To reinforce your position on the market

Don’t stand aside but take part right now in this important business platform. Reserve your booth today.

Overview QA&Test Partners

Pre Conference Sponsors Exhibitors Supportings
Logo and Description in QA&TEST website (home) check (+ specially mentioned in QATEST web page HOME) check check
Your company name on the programme check (Plus Logo) check check
Your company logo in advertising campaing check    
Your company will be mentioned in all press releases check    
During the Conference
Your company’s logo on posters of the podium check check check
Your company will appear with a link to your home page on the Conference CD check check  
Exhibition Space check (9 square meters) check (Optional)  
Free registration for the conference (for your personal use or as an invitation to others) check (4 tickets) Optional  
Discount for additional registrations via your company check (20%) check (15%) check (Bilateral agreement)
Your company mentioned during welcome session check    
A delegate of your company will be a invited guest in the closing round table check    
Invitations to the Conference Banquet check(Up to 4) check(Optional)  

Standard Pricing Model

Type of collaboration Price Features
Sponsors 6000 euros 3*3 square meters stand/ 4 free invitations/ 4 invitation to the conference banquet + optional workshop
Exhibitor 3*2 2500 euros 2*3 square meters stand/ 2 free tickets/ 2 invitations to conference banquet + optional workshop
Exhibitor 2*2 1500 euros 2*2 square meters stand/ Invitation to the Conference Banquet + optional workshop


Support a contact moment

There are more possibilities to participate on our conference. There are several contact moments your company can support, like the Conference Bags, the Coffee Breaks and Internet access. Contact our secretariat (+34 94 480 51 83) for more detailed information.

Join us today

If you are interested to participate in this extraordinary event to boost your brand, please contact us today and make your reservation; call +34 94 480 51 83, fax +34 94 480 51 84 or e-mail:, of course you can make your reservation online as well.