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QA&TEST Call for Papers comes to an end

The deadline for submissions for QA&TEST 2017 has ended. The participation  of this edition has been very high, so the Technical Committee is very optimistic: the Program of the 16th edition of the Conference will be very interesting with high quality content.
The Technical Committee has begun the evaluation of the presentations. In short, we will announce the first names. Stay tuned!

Neil Thompson, opening keynote of QA&TEST

Neil Thompson will give the opening keynote of QA&TEST. Neil Thompson has been an information systems consultant since 1987, first with a "big 6/5/4 firm" then independently; most assignments involve test management / process improvement. Previous roles included programming, systems analysis and live systems maintenance, and he still tests hands-on when possible. Has spoken internationally at conferences over many years, including EuroSTAR, STAREast, STARWest, ICSTest, CAST and Let's Test.

Keynote: Your world is my world - Is it? | Els de Bakker & Wim van Veen

Els de Bakker & Wim van Veen will give the keynote of the second day of QA&TEST. They will explain how they worked together with developers and testers. Many insights about the essential conditions that contribute to a successful environment were discovered. But the one most imported finding was that a clear and mutual understanding of each other's in- and output is a crucial element in the process when avoiding massive delay and ensuring excellent quality. Though testing is certainly not the only, or even not the best way of ensuring product quality, its importance cannot be emphasized enough. Because the people in it, who have to work together have such different worlds and perspectives from which they describe their version of reality. Different words are being used for the same results, same words are being used for different results. A lot of energy and time is wasted.

They will also explain what causes this ambiguity, why it matters so much to the people involved and which approach can help to overcome this. Creating awareness and understanding is the first step. Next, to start using successful elements for an efficient and effective dialogue.

A Keynote centered in Agile Teams

Gerie Owen will review the factors leading to groupthink, show how to recognize the symptoms and develop some ways of preventing it. Then using CDE theory, she will show what managers can do to positively influence the agile team without interfering in its self-direction. You will learn how to apply these concepts to their own teams and use them become high performing teams and testers will learn how to manage groupthink in their pursuit of quality.

Meet the exhibitors! TestObject and TransWare

We are proud to announce TestObject and TransWare as exhibitors for the 15th edition of QA&TEST. 

TestObject is a leading mobile app testing provider, offering comprehensive testing infrastructure. TestObject's proprietary technology, supported by top open source frameworks, allows app developers and QA teams to shorten their product release cycles through sustainable testing environment.  

TransWare has started global business in 1992 with HQ in Germany, the US subsidiary has been founded in 2013. TransWare's flagship product is the standard BPM-X® software. Its goal is the transformation and integration of model/diagram data and related meta-data among many different tool platforms. 

You can also show your product in our exhibition hall. Contact us to get more information: or by phone (+34 94 480 46 17)