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Autistic people as software testers

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Notebook, por Serkan ERThe highlight of a Danish company dedicated to software testing is that has a 75% of autistic people at its workforce. Thorkil Sonne, the founder, became interested in integrate autistic people in the working world in 2004, when his son was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (a type of autism that seriously affects the way of relating). Sonne found out that only 6% of the autistic population is integrated into the labour market, and realized that the characteristics of the perfect software tester were the same skills showed by his son: having a good memory, follow instructions carefully, be persistent, note any deviation from the expected results… These are the characteristics of autism.

Currently, 50 people are working in this company, and they remain faithful to this same philosophy: providing future opportunities through integration.

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