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Security in High Reliability Applications: Is it safe?

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Security in High Reliability Applications: Is it safe?Increasingly in this modern world, we rely on systems where an error could cause financial disaster, organisational chaos, or in the worst case death. Software now plays a crucial role in these systems, but the disturbing fact is that the increasing use of embedded computers, controlling all sorts of devices, is moving us in the opposite direction.
Organisations like ‘Which?’ in the UK devote their energies to examining such devices. They test them thoroughly, but importantly they also examine and dismantle the devices to detect engineering defects, such as unsafe wiring. If they find a device unsafe it is rated as unacceptable and the public is protected against the dangerous device. But as soon as embedded computer systems are involved we have no such transparency. Cars, for example, are now full of computers and without access to the software details, there is no way to tell if these cars are ‘Unsafe at Any Speed’.

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Make virtualization work for mobile devices

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Make virtualization work for mobile devicesDespite virtualization‘s obvious appeal to embedded software developers and OEMs, adoption of the technology may stall due to inherent limitations in virtualization platform architecture. Here is a look at the limitations and how they can be overcome by a different approach to building embedded virtualization software.
Over the last five years virtualization has evolved from an obscure technology to become a key enabler of enterprise server and desktop applications. More recently, virtualization has begun to play a comparable pivotal role in embedded development and deployment.
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