Bertrand Meyer gives a master class about testing

Bertrand Meyer opened the second day of QA&TEST, with his keynote “Programs that test themselves”. Mr. Meyer, father of the Eiffel programing language, talked about functional testing and unit testing. Bertrand Meyer explained that being a tester actually means a desire for failing of the programme. That’s why every testing team needs someone like Mefistofeles between them, someone who is looking for flaws constantly.


Mr. Meyer explained what are the seven principles of testing,  among we can highlight the following:

  •  Tests are not substitutes for the specifications
  • Determine success or failures should be done automatically
  • The most important criterion is the number of bugs found as a function of time

After the master class of Bertrand Meyer, the tracks Testing Management y Testing Techniques will start, with Chris Schotanus and Erik Boelen’ s presentations.

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