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A Keynote centered in Agile Teams

Gerie Owen will review the factors leading to groupthink, show how to recognize the symptoms and develop some ways of preventing it. Then using CDE theory, she will show what managers can do to positively influence the agile team without interfering in its self-direction. You will learn how to apply these concepts to their own teams and use them become high performing teams and testers will learn how to manage groupthink in their pursuit of quality.

Meet the exhibitors! TestObject and TransWare

We are proud to announce TestObject and TransWare as exhibitors for the 15th edition of QA&TEST. 

TestObject is a leading mobile app testing provider, offering comprehensive testing infrastructure. TestObject's proprietary technology, supported by top open source frameworks, allows app developers and QA teams to shorten their product release cycles through sustainable testing environment.  

TransWare has started global business in 1992 with HQ in Germany, the US subsidiary has been founded in 2013. TransWare's flagship product is the standard BPM-X® software. Its goal is the transformation and integration of model/diagram data and related meta-data among many different tool platforms. 

You can also show your product in our exhibition hall. Contact us to get more information: or by phone (+34 94 480 46 17) 

Track 4: QA Management

Paul Derckx will open this track talking about reliability. To drive reliability improvements at Philips MR they are no longer use MTBC/MTBF metric. Instead they use a new reliability metric defined from and focusing on what is key for their customers. Next to the new metric they have defined a reliability framework where inputs from different sources drive improvements of requirements, hardware/software and verification/validation strategy.

Rajesh Yawantikar will dedicate 45 minutes to defect prediction model for estimating project schedule. Many organizations want to estimate the number of defects prior to product's launch. This helps them to estimate the quality of product, maintenance efforts, and risk in meeting schedule. This defect prediction model can aid the project management teams to map the SW milestones and impact of total number of defects on the project schedule and avoid any schedule delays and milestone commitments.

Track 1: IoT Testing

Pini Reznik will open this track with a presentation about testing cloud native applications. He will show how development and testing techniques can help to build complex systems such as a Mesos framework for ElasticSearch and others. 

Vipin Jain & Dr. Anubha Jain will give the second presentation of this track, in which they will share their experience testing internet of things. They will explain how to face the challenges of testing the IoT and will give some advices to create an effective strategy. 

Do you want to know why testing IoT is not just testing the application and the devices? Register today in QA&TEST to discover it!

Track 7: Test Automation

QA&TEST will start the third day with the presentation of Peter Francome, about the Virgin Media's journey to intelligent & cognitive test automation. Without the right focus, investment, strategy and support, test automation projects fail to deliver the promised results. In this session, Peter Francome will talk you through how Virgin Media tackled these challenges head-on to build an automation centric test organization that is now equipped to adopt the next generation of test automation techniques.

Derk-Jan de Grood will continue this track with a summary of a sequence of projects that he was involved with and describes the full circle of Test Automation. He will take the attendees on a trip where they experience the phases and challenges with test automation. 

And last,Tomaž Nahtigal will explain how his company approached software verification during a redesign of an Electronic Shelf Label for a world's leader in electronic shelf labeling systems. The complete test suite takes 21 hours to execute. In comparison, the customer needed 2 test engineers for 4-6 weeks in order to execute a similar test cycle.