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All the secrets of the Testing Techniques, in Track 3

QA&TEST will have six presentations focused on Testing Techniques, gathered around track 3, all along Thursday 15th. The track will start with the presentation of Alejandro Méndez, who will talk about the different ways in which the Test team can participate in the project planning in order to improve the testability of the system. Gery Owen will discuss the approach and test strategy for testing Smart Home technology and its integration with Utility applications while Itai Lahat will explore new testing methods, developed in one of Intel’s validation groups, for testing Embedded Systems with emphasize on Observability and Controllability.

Track 4 will be completed with the presentations of Olivier Casse and Sachin Thayappa Asangi. The last one will focus on understanding the challenges in a distributed car infotainment project with respect to test setup used during development, testing and maintenance of the product. Olivier Casse will show the risks that embedded software developers are facing and how to overcome this challenge and how to test Code Coverage on smallest targets.

Exhibitor: Verifysoft Technology

We are pleased to introduce you one of our exhibitors. QATEST will count with the german Verifysoft Technology collaboration. 

Since 2003 Verifysoft Technology is committed to provide test productivity solutions that help companies more efficiently maintain and enhance their software applications. Their technologies are successfully used by more than 400 customers in over 30 countries all over the world. Most of the customers use their solutions on embedded targets and come from safety critical industries such as automotive, medical, railway, aerospace etc.

Main focus of Verifysoft is dynamic and static analysis as well as code coverage on host and on all (even smallest) embedded targets. Their Code Coverage Tool Testwell CTC++ works with all compilers/cross-compilers and for all coverage levels.

Testing for Industrial Sectors

QATEST 2015 will address this year's the track Testing for Industrial Sectors. On the one hand, Hemalatha M. will present the challenges in testing computer vision and best practices involved in testing computer vision applications. Testing computer vision is more complex compared to conventional software testing as it calls for subjective nature of evaluation and a need for large data set. 

On the other hand, Jan Tobias Muehlberg will finish the first part of this set of presentations.  As a researcher at the Department of Computer Science of K.U.Leuven inBelgium, he will a present novel approach to securely obtain measurements with respect to the integrity of software running on a low-cost and low-power computing node autonomously or on demand. 

Communities of practice for managing continuous improvement in testing teams

The quality management is essential to help companies to reduce costs and time in their software development processes. Therefore, during the first day of QA&TEST there will be a whole of two presentations focused on QA Management.

The first presentation of the track QA Management, leaded by Isabel Bachiller Martínez and under the title “CMMI Statistically Performance of Process in SCRUM Projects”, will analyse the performance of the processes established in a selection of eight (8) projects developed under the Agile paradigm with SCRUM. At project level, the Quality Management System is tailored according to the objective of the project and the applicable standards. The methods established by the development methodology are adapted and the development life cycle is selected as part of the mentioned tailoring. In this context, the company can address agile (SCRUM) projects and statistically monitor the performance of the key process implemented in the project.

Nadia Soledad Cavalleri will finish this track by talking about communities of practice for managing continuous improvement in testing teams. She will start the presentation with a simple question: Is the set of testers in a company a QA team? The answer seems to be clear. A QA team should be more than just the sum of all its testers. By conceiving  them as isolated resources often occurs problems such as: the testers of the same company do not know each other, do not exchange problems, opinions or solutions, each of them spend time "reinventing the wheel" and testing in their own way.